The “Social” in Enterprise

Medical Makers is a for-profit social enterprise with a mission to inspire, educate, and empower a global community of innovators, patients, and healthcare providers to make sustainable solutions to save lives, time, and money. We are always seeking corporations, foundations, and organizations who share our vision and want to provide social investment to impact over 1 billion lives. We provide high-quality products, services, programs and events to generate revenue to support our social impact projects.

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We provide customized, engaging, and inspiring keynote speeches, panel presentations, and technology demonstrations for your conference or event. Coverage of travel, accommodation, incidentals and speaking fees is required.

Sponsor A Make-A-Thon

These events bring together Makers to create and test solutions to real-life medical challenges. Our Make-A-Thons require financial support by a local sponsor to cover facility rental, equipment, materials, and staff travel fees. 


Our humanitarian projects require extensive prototyping, testing, and feedback to ensure solutions are useable, durable, and safe. Your donations go towards supporting these projects and a small portion towards administrative costs.



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