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 Anybody Can Be A Medical Maker!

A Medical Maker is anyone who wants to use their heart, hands, and mind to make healthcare better. Apply your creativity and compassion to make life-changing, sustainable solutions as part of our global community.  We encourage people of all ages, skills, and backgrounds to join us!

Did you know that 50% of Medical Makers are girls and women?


Medical Makers Spotlight

Meet Medical Makers, Emma and Jody!


Emma Bluemke

Emma Bluemke joined Medical Makers when she was completing her undergraduate degree at University of Western Ontario.  She was selected to be a Rhodes Scholarship finalist and won a full scholarship to undertake her PhD studies in Medical Imaging at Oxford University!

Jody Mou

Jody Mou joined Medical Makers when she was a 16 year old high school student attending the University of Toronto Schools.  She won a full scholarship to study biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, which is ranked America’s #1 program by U.S. News & World Report.

Medical Maker Project Areas

We crowdsource solutions to minimize development time and costs and maximize our social impact. We pioneered design principles to make inclusive, appropriate and sustainable solutions to save lives, time, and money. We focus on meeting the highest standards of safety, performance, and security in designing our solutions. We respect the confidentiality of patients, healthcare providers, medical institutions, and our partner organizations.


Design & Innovation

  • Create and refine 3D printable prototypes of medical solutions based on feedback from patients and healthcare providers

  • Communicate these results in written reports and oral presentations


Research & Publication

  • Determine patient and healthcare provider needs and conduct environmental scans of new and existing technologies

  • Publish project outcomes in scientific and research journals


Business SUpport

  • Lead through human resources and volunteer management and support our administrative operations

  • Promote knowledge of our achievements through media communications

Who We Can Help


Medical Makers make award-winning, high-quality, lower-cost, life-changing and life-saving solutions for:

  • 5 billion people who lack access to safe, timely, and affordable surgical care

  • 3.75 billion people who live in rural areas and who often lack access to healthcare services

  • Over 1 billion people with a disability who often lack access to assistive devices

  • Nearly 1 billion people who live on less than $2 per day

  • 500 million girls and women who lack resources for menstrual hygiene

  • Over 201 million people who require humanitarian assistance

  • Over 200 million women in low­ and middle-­income countries who want to prevent pregnancy but lack access to effective birth control and/or comprehensive family planning and sexuality education

  • 44.7 million people who lack basic access to medical care in conflict settings

  • Nearly 2 million people who are infected with HIV every year

  • Astronauts on deep space missions


How It Works

Getting involved in our global community of Medical Makers is as simple as completing these four steps:

  1. Complete our online registration including paying your annual membership fee, and signing our agreement.

  2. Attend a Medical Make-A-Thon or use online resources. Learn new skills.  

  3. Become involved in a project! You can choose to join an existing project, or create your own.

  4. Setup and participate in regular check-ins with your project team to complete your project.


Your Responsibilities

  • Be reliable, and accountable for your actions, and committed to the organization

  • Complete all paperwork in a timely fashion and respect confidentiality

  • Always represent our organization in a courteous, respectful and positive light

  • Share constructive feedback of the organization to help us improve and deliver on our mission

  • Communicate in advance if you need to miss a meeting or event

  • Learn all you can, ask for help when you need it, and do the best job possible!

Benefits to you

  • Learn cutting-edge technology and design skills from experts to create innovative solutions for social good

  • Participate in a flexible self-directed program that allows you to work according to your schedule

  • Build your network by being part of a growing, intellectually diverse, curiosity-driven, and globally focused community of digital humanitarians

  • Earn recognition for your achievements with reference letters for awards, scholarships, grants, and job applications

  • Expand your mind with a meaningful and unique learning experience

  • Have an impact by giving back to your local and global community