Start A Medical Makers Chapter

What you need to get started:

  1. Register online to become a Medical Maker

  2. Build your leadership council by recruiting 2–3 additional Medical Makers

  3. Book a facility for meet-ups. Many Makers book on-campus or community facilities

  4. Host a local Medical Make-A-Thon to recruit more Medical Makers and learn 3D printing and innovation skills

  5. Start working on design, research or business projects to help save lives, time, and money in low-resource regions

  6. Fundraise to purchase two of our Medical Maker Lab 3D printing kits so you can be on-call to rapidly design humanitarian solutions for clinics, hospitals, and disaster areas

  7. Participate in a field service project to conduct research and empower others to use low-cost technologies to promote health, build sustainable livelihoods, and attain social equality

Host A Make-A-Thon

Our Medical Makers Chapters have hosted Medical Make-A-Thons in 9 cities! Make-A-Thon participants discover rapid prototyping skills and crowdsource high-quality 3D printable designs for 3D4MD's digital library to serve over 1 billion patients at home, abroad and in space. Contact us if you’d like to host a Make-A-Thon.

Experience a Mission to “Mars!”

Do you have the right stuff? Medical Makers can live and work like astronauts at the Mars Desert Research Station in the Utah desert.  Your activities will include wearing “spacesuits” and driving rovers to explore Mars-like terrain, demonstrating new technologies, conducting complex operations in a simulated deep space environment, and educating the public on new discoveries and goals for the Red Planet. Contact us if you’d like to join our crew of Martian analogue astronauts.

Attend A Summit

Once a year, Medical Makers gather together to showcase their projects in mini-TED style talks and be recognized for their groundbreaking achievements.  Awards will be given out and the top Design & Innovation project will have their design patent application costs covered by us! Contact us if you’d like to attend a Summit.

Enroll In Our Pre-Med Bootcamp

Less than 20% of medical school applicants are accepted to medical school.  At our Bootcamp, Medical Makers will meet with experts who will help you finalize your applications before the submission deadline, practice your oral communication skills in mock interviews, and provide coaching strategies to radically boost your chances of getting into medical school! Contact us if you’d like to enroll in our Pre-Med Bootcamp.